Top Crazy Travelling Complaints

A foreign holiday is the highlight of the year for most people. They view the yearly break as the ideal opportunity to forget about the hassles of work and experience fascinating new cultures and fun activities. However, the kind of trips organised by some travel companies don’t always prove enjoyable. Particularly disgruntled tourists have felt the need to make complaints and file their single trip travel insurance claims for the reasons highlighted in this article. Believe it or not, all these below are genuine!Travelling TimesAnybody with a basic grasp of geography will understand there is bound to be some variance in the time taken to travel between different destinations. However, some travellers from the UK were apparently frustrated after discovering that their American counterparts had enjoyed a shorter journey home after a holiday in Jamaica and tried to claim on their single trip travel insurance! Unfortunately the travel company were unable to provide assurances regarding the speed of future flights.Unexpected Holiday RomancePlatonic friends from the UK were keen to resist the temptations of lust so they naturally requested to book twin beds in their chosen hotel. However, they were shown to a room with a luxurious king size bed and were unable to exercise the necessary restraint – an ensuing night of passion resulted in an unwanted pregnancy! They blamed the holiday company and demanded a full refund. The claim was unsurprisingly rejected.Planning ProblemsThe great majority of travellers opt to arrange to schedule a few activities before setting off for their chosen holiday destination. However one disorganised couple made the unwise decision of delaying the planning process until the last minute. They were frustrated at being unable to read the guide books and pamphlets during a particularly bumpy bus ride to the resort so missed out – so they said! The travel company were unwilling to accept responsibility for the unsatisfactory holiday experience and neither was their insurance company.A Matter Of ManlinessThere are some claims that can’t help but bring a smile to the faces of single trip travel insurance specialists and holiday organisers. One particular case involved a man who had travelled to an African game reserve. He was, unfortunately, unable to recover from the feeling of inadequacy after seeing an elephant urinating in a lake, according to his claim for “mental anguish”. One can only imagine how he would have reacted to an encounter with the blue whale…Terrifying FishSome holiday happenings are bound to be a cause of worry for children. The discovery of a monster underneath the hotel bed or an encounter with a mythical foreign beast would certainly strike fear into the hearts of young and vulnerable travellers. However, representatives of a company specialising in single trip travel insurance were surprised to hear that the foreign pond life had scared a couple of children so much they couldn’t enjoy their stay. Their parents enquired about the possibility of removing the particularly terrifying fish and, when the requests were politely denied, they attempted to claim “pain and suffering” on their policy.